Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hey Procrastinator....

Wow.  I didn't realize that I haven't posted in forever. I need to just make a schedule of sorts to keep things on track.  Write down a list of things to accomplish daily and weekly...make a monthly goal.  I just feel so off lately.  I got bronchitis and was sick for a 3 days, went back to work for a day and felt worse upon clocking I went back to the doctor to find that I had bacterial bronchitis....yipes.  Between that and my asthma I told myself that it wasn't safe to workout.  Now I've been breathing fine for the last couple days, yet I didn't start working out.  Grr.  I am the ONLY obstacle in my way.  Why do we, as Bekka pointed out, sabotage ourselves?  I said no more excuses, yet I created them again.  I have got to stop it.  I need to get this schedule rolling so I have time set aside for homework, meal planning, relaxation, working out, my amazing husband and my family and friends.  I need to stop being known as the procrastinator with the 'brilliant personality'...remember those commercials?...haha. I want to be known for starting something...and finishing it!  I'm not exactly known for that right now. Well I did say that I wanted to go back to school and DID graduate with my Associates and AM working on my Bachelors...that is the first step. :)

Step 2: Use the support of my loving husband and my family to get myself in gear to be the healthiest I've ever I can become pregnant and become the happiest I've ever been. :)  Hehe.  I pray for faith in myself, strength to follow through, and hope to be addicted to healthy ways of life.

Thank you to everyone who has accepted me for me and loved me for me.  I need to follow suit and love me for me and start liking myself and making myself healthy.

Ohhh. On a side note...I have been doing well with not drinking pop!  I'm now addicted to Tea that helps me sleep, tea that helps wake me up, and tea in general! :)  Not sure if that is good or bad...I'm not using sweetener so that is a bonus...thoughts??